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Lozny, Ludomir R - Landscapes Under Pressure, e-bok

Landscapes Under Pressure

Lozny, Ludomir R


Changing Places: A Cultural Geography of Nineteenth-Century Zuni, New Mexico
Susan-Allette Dublin
7. Envisioning Future Landscapes in the Environmentally Sensitive Areas of Scotland: An Introduction
Ian A. Simpson, David Parsisson, Nick Hanley, Craig H.

Forrest, Ray - Cities and the Super-Rich, e-bok

Cities and the Super-Rich

Forrest, Ray


Beyond the City: Exploring the Maritime Geographies of the Super-Rich
Emma Spence
7. Reviving Transnational Elite Sociality: Social Clubs in Shanghai
Yannan Ding
8. Old Money, Networks and Distinction: The Social and Service Clubs of Milan’s Upper

Blazek, Matej - Children’s Emotions in Policy and Practice, e-bok

Children’s Emotions in Policy and Practice

Blazek, Matej


Planning for Resilience: Urban Nature and the Emotional Geographies of Children’s Political Engagement
Pascale Joassart-Marcelli, Fernando J. Bosco
7. Geographies of Hanging Out: Connecting Everyday Experiences with Formal Education
Noora Pyyry

Beck, Ulrich - The Brave New World of Work, e-bok

The Brave New World of Work

Beck, Ulrich


This will involve constant movement between formal employment (with a major reduction in working hours) and forms of self-organized artistic, cultural and political 'civil labour', providing equal access to comprehensive social protection. The aim must be to turn insecurity

Bromley, Simon - Globalization in Question, e-bok

Globalization in Question

Bromley, Simon


In both political and academic discussions, the assumption is commonly made that the process of economic globalization is well under way and that this represents a qualitatively new stage in the development of international capitalism. But is there in fact such a thing

Lenskyj, Helen Jefferson - The Palgrave Handbook of Olympic Studies, e-bok

The Palgrave Handbook of Olympic Studies

Lenskyj, Helen Jefferson


The Early Cold War Olympics, 1952–1960: Political, Economic and Human Rights Dimensions
Barbara Keys
7. The Winter Olympics: Geography Is Destiny?
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj
8. Olympic Tales from the East: Tokyo 1964, Seoul 1988 and Beijing 2008