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Alexander, Paul - Man of the People: The Life of John McCain, e-bok

Man of the People: The Life of John McCain

Alexander, Paul


A captivating look at one of America's most prominent and fascinating public figures
Bestselling author, war hero, presidential candidate, champion of the most politically sticky issue to rock Washington since Watergate-campaign finance reform-…

Rowlandson, William - Sartre in Cuba–Cuba in Sartre, e-bok

Sartre in Cuba–Cuba in Sartre

Rowlandson, William


Table of contents
1. The Invitation to Cuba
William Rowlandson
2. Hurricane Over Sugar
William Rowlandson
3. Sartre and Beauvoir in Havana
William Rowlandson
4. Sartre’s History of Cuba
William Rowlandson
5. The Philosophical…

Jones, Howard - The Bay of Pigs, e-bok

The Bay of Pigs

Jones, Howard


Acknowledgments Prologue 1. Genesis 2. Trinidad 3. Zapata 4. Politics 5. D-Day 6. Requiem 7. Inquisition Epilogue Abbreviations in Notes Bibliography