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Cox, Carol - Physical Assessment for Nurses, e-bok

Physical Assessment for Nurses

Cox, Carol


The text explores best practice in history taking and summarises the key clinical skills needed to develop and improve physical examination skills and to competently assess, diagnose, plan and provide care.
Physical Assessment

Lee, Agnes - Ophthalmic Nursing, e-bok

Ophthalmic Nursing

Lee, Agnes


The third edition includes more on professional issues and specialist nursing roles, differentiates adult and paediatric issues, and places more emphasis on assessment skills, pain management, infection control, day surgery, psychological aspects and links to primary

Moss, Mae Taylor - The Emotionally Intelligent Nurse Leader, e-bok

The Emotionally Intelligent Nurse Leader

Moss, Mae Taylor


Each chapter in this book is designed to help these professionals identify, understand, and hone the skills of emotional intelligence--skills that will bolster the nurse professional’s ability to lead effectively. The

Norman, Ann E. - Prison Nursing, e-bok

Prison Nursing

Norman, Ann E.


There is a specific set of skills needed to be a prison nurse. The environment is radically different to other areas of practice and the nurse-patient relationship and its boundaries are of paramount importance
This book is written by nursing experts in this field

Woods, Mary Elizabeth - Lymphoedema Care, e-bok

Lymphoedema Care

Woods, Mary Elizabeth


This book provides all the necessary knowledge and the skills required to identify risk factors for the development of the disease and to equip the health care professional in providing the best advice to the patient.
As well as examining the physical signs and

Albarran, John - Chest Pain: Advanced Assesment and Management Skills, e-bok

Chest Pain: Advanced Assesment and Management Skills

Albarran, John


Specifically, it equips practitioners with the knowledge and clinical skills needed to effectively differentiate and respond to clinical presentations where the primary symptom for seeking healthcare advice involves chest pain.
Introductory chapters in section

Cleaver, Karen - Emergency Care of Children and Young People, e-bok

Emergency Care of Children and Young People

Cleaver, Karen


It explores the key skills needed for effective care and presents the evidence which underpins effective practice in an accessible and informative format. Emergency Care of Children and Young People covers a complete range of topics including legal and ethical aspects,

May, Andrée le - Adult Nursing at a Glance, e-bok

Adult Nursing at a Glance

May, Andrée le


Adult Nursing at a Glance covers the essential components of excellent nursing, highlighting the skills that all students need to develop from the outset of their studies, and encompassing organisational and leadership skills.