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Pless, Vera - Introduction to the Theory of Error-Correcting Codes, e-bok

Introduction to the Theory of Error-Correcting Codes

Pless, Vera


Mathematicians have been fascinated with the theory of error-correcting codes since the publication of Shannon's classic papers fifty years ago. With the proliferation of communications systems, computers, and digital audio devices that employ error-correcting

Fritz, James S. - Ion Chromatography, e-bok

Ion Chromatography

Fritz, James S.


This completely revised and updated fourth edition of the best-selling classic is a thorough treatment of the subject while remaining concise and readable. New additions include capillary electrophoresis, monolithic columns, zwitterion colums, DNA/RNA analysis, fundamentals of the science

Fränzle, Stefan - Introduction to Environmental Engineering, e-bok

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Fränzle, Stefan

Från 67,60€

As such, it presents the classic technologies alongside innovative ones that are just now coming into widespread use, such as photochemical technologies and carbon dioxide sequestration. Numerous case studies from the fields of air, water and soil engineering describe

Krauss, Gerhard - Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation, e-bok

Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation

Krauss, Gerhard

Från 105,70€

Originally based on a graduate course taught by the author, this true classic has once again been extensively updated to incorporate key new findings in biological signaling. With over half of the content re-written, plus 70 brand new and 50 revised figures, this is the most up-to-date textbook

Kucera, Jane - Desalination: Water from Water, e-bok

Desalination: Water from Water

Kucera, Jane


”  This is an all-new revised edition of a modern classic on one of the most important subjects in engineering: Water. Featuring a total revision of the initial volume, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the process of desalination in industrial

Mesterton-Gibbons, Mike - A Concrete Approach to Mathematical Modelling, e-bok

A Concrete Approach to Mathematical Modelling

Mesterton-Gibbons, Mike


It deserves to become a classic."--London Times Higher Education Supplement

"The author succeeds in his goal of serving the needs of the undergraduate population who want to see mathematics in action, and the mathematics used is extensive and provoking."--SIAM

Cady, Field - The Data Science Handbook, e-bok

The Data Science Handbook

Cady, Field


The author also describes classic machine learning algorithms, from their mathematical foundations to real-world applications. Visualization tools are reviewed, and their central importance in data science is highlighted. Classical statistics is addressed to help readers

New, Tim R. - Mutualisms and Insect Conservation, e-bok

Mutualisms and Insect Conservation

New, Tim R.


Table of contents
Part I. The Meaning and Dynamics of Mutualisms
1. The Scope and Meaning of Mutualisms
Tim R. New
2. Mechanisms and Maintenance
Tim R. New
Part II. Lessons from Classic Mutualisms
3. Classic Themes: Pollination Mutualisms of Insects and Plants
Tim R. New
4. Classic Themes: Ants,