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Witzany, Guenther - Biocommunication of Animals, e-bok

Biocommunication of Animals

Witzany, Guenther


Table of contents
1. Why Biocommunication of Animals?
Guenther Witzany
2. Signs of Communication in Chimpanzees
Mary Lee A. Jensvold, Lisa Wilding, Savannah M. Schulze
3. African and Asian Elephant Vocal Communication: A Cross-Species Comparison
Angela S. Stoeger, Shermin Silva
4. The Information Content

Farina, Almo - Soundscape Ecology, e-bok

Soundscape Ecology

Farina, Almo


Table of contents
1. Soundscape and Landscape Ecology
Almo Farina
2. Sonic Characteristics of the Landscape
Almo Farina
3. Bioacoustics Theories
Almo Farina
4. Communication Theories
Almo Farina
5. Human Dimension of the Soundscape: From Individuals to Society
Almo Farina
6. Sonic Patterns

Morin, Peter J. - Community Ecology, e-bok

Community Ecology

Morin, Peter J.


Community ecology is the study of patterns and processes involving these collections of two or more species. Communities are typically studied using a diversity of techniques, including observations of natural history, statistical descriptions of natural patterns,

Pittman, Simon J. - Seascape Ecology, e-bok

Seascape Ecology

Pittman, Simon J.


Seascape Ecology provides a comprehensive look at the state-of-the-science in the application of landscape ecology to the seas and provides guidance for future research priorities. The first book devoted exclusively to this rapidly emerging and increasingly

Parker, Patricia G. - Disease Ecology, e-bok

Disease Ecology

Parker, Patricia G.


Domestic and Peridomestic Animals in Galapagos: Health Policies and Practices
Luis R. Padilla, Nicole Gottdenker, Sharon L. Deem, Marilyn Cruz
11. Filling the Gaps: Improving Sampling and Analysis of Disease Surveillance Data in Galápagos
Kathryn P. Huyvaert