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Dodds, Klaus - Geographies, Genders and Geopolitics of James Bond, e-bok

Geographies, Genders and Geopolitics of James Bond

Dodds, Klaus


The Haptic Geographies of James Bond’s Body
Lisa Funnell, Klaus Dodds
3. The Anglo-American Connection
Lisa Funnell, Klaus Dodds
4. Shaken, Not Stirred: Shifting Representations of the Soviet Union and Russia
Lisa Funnell, Klaus Dodds
5. The

Tilzey, Mark - Political Ecology, Food Regimes, and Food Sovereignty, e-bok

Political Ecology, Food Regimes, and Food Sovereignty

Tilzey, Mark


Political Ecology, Food Regimes, and Food Sovereignty
2. Political Ecology and Social Systems: An Integrated, but Differentiated, Theory of Socio-natural Dynamics
Mark Tilzey
3. Political Ecology, Capitalism, and Food Regimes
Mark Tilzey
4. The ‘First’

Johnston, Douglas M. - Political Economies of Landscape Change, e-bok

Political Economies of Landscape Change

Johnston, Douglas M.


New Axioms for Reading the Landscape: Paying Attention to Political Economy and Social Justice
Don Mitchell
3. Landscapes of Possibility? Livelihood and Intervention in the Production of Andean Landscapes
Anthony J. Bebbington
4. Moving to the Mountains:

England, Kim - Neoliberalization: States, Networks, Peoples, e-bok

Neoliberalization: States, Networks, Peoples

England, Kim


The book is an analysis of cultural, social as well as political economic expressions of neoliberalization and argues for an appreciation of the relational geographies of neoliberalization.In-depth empirical research spanning a variety of world regionsA

Dodds, Klaus - Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction, e-bok

Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction

Dodds, Klaus


Geopolitics is a way of looking at the world: one that considers the links between political power, geography, and cultural diversity. Using examples ranging from historical maps and 007 films to the rhetoric of political leaders, Klaus Dodds shows why,