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Amesbury, Richard - Morality and Social Criticism, e-bok

Morality and Social Criticism

Amesbury, Richard


Table of contents
1. Solidarity and Dissent: Rorty and the “Consequences of Pragmatism”
Richard Amesbury
2. The Force of Reasons: Habermas on Norms and Justification
Richard Amesbury
3. Norms, Interpretation, and Decision-Making:…

O'Brien, Dan - An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge, e-bok

An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge

O'Brien, Dan


An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge, 2nd Edition guides the reader through the key issues and debates in contemporary epistemology. Lucid, comprehensive and accessible, it is an ideal textbook for students who are new to the subject and for university undergraduates.

Outhwaite, William - Habermas: A Critical Introduction, e-bok

Habermas: A Critical Introduction

Outhwaite, William

Från 79,20€

A major feature of the book is that it provides a detailed critical analysis of Habermas's most important work, The Theory of Communicative Action. As well as looking at Habermas's appraisal of figures such as Foucault and Derrida, the book also examines his