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Sepper, Dennis L - Understanding Imagination, e-bok

Understanding Imagination

Sepper, Dennis L


Table of contents
1. Beginning in the Middle of Things
Dennis L. Sepper
2. Locating Emergent Appearance
Dennis L. Sepper
3. Locating Imagination: The Inceptive Field Productivity and Differential Topology of Imagining (Plus What It Means to Play a Game)
Dennis L. Sepper
4. Plato and the Ontological

White, Nicholas - A Brief History of Happiness, e-bok

A Brief History of Happiness

White, Nicholas


Addresses key questions such as: What is happiness? Should happiness play such a dominant role in our lives? How can we deal with conflicts between the various things that make us happy? Considers the ways in which major thinkers from antiquity to the modern day have

Leidlmair, Karl - After Cognitivism, e-bok

After Cognitivism

Leidlmair, Karl


The Play of Imagination: Extending the Literary Mind
Douglas Thomas, John Seely Brown
7. Reading the World Upside Down: How to Deal with Frozen Knowledge
Karl Leidlmair
8. On the Significance of the ‘Lower’ Senses: Touch, Smell and Taste