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Bailey, Olga G. - Transnational Lives and the Media, e-bok

Transnational Lives and the Media

Bailey, Olga G.


Diaspora, Multiculturalism and Transnational Media: The Case of Zee TV
Shehina Fazal
4. Art in the Age of Siege
Nikos Papastergiadis
5. Re-Imagining Diaspora Through Ethno-Mimesis: Humiliation, Human Dignity and Belonging
Maggie O’Neill

Kaul, Chandrika - Communications, Media and the Imperial Experience, e-bok

Communications, Media and the Imperial Experience

Kaul, Chandrika


Table of contents
1. Communications, Media and the Imperial Experience: Perspectives and Perceptions
Chandrika Kaul
2. Coronation, Colonialism and Cultures of Control: The Delhi Durbar, 1911
Chandrika Kaul
3. India as Viewed by the American Media: Chicago Daily Tribune, William Shirer and Gandhian Nationalism,

Lim, Sun Sun - Mobile Communication and the Family, e-bok

Mobile Communication and the Family

Lim, Sun Sun


Empowering Interactions, Sustaining Ties: Vietnamese Migrant Students’ Communication with Left-Behind Families and Friends
Becky Pham, Sun Sun Lim
Part III. Strategies
8. Restricting, Distracting, and Reasoning: Parental Mediation of Young Children’s