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Aalto, Pami - International Studies, e-bok

International Studies

Aalto, Pami


Towards Interdisciplinary Research Programmes in International Studies: The Frankfurt School, the English School and Peace Research as Models
Vilho Harle
Part II. Levels of Analysis

Creed Meredith, James - Critique of Judgement, e-bok

Critique of Judgement

Creed Meredith, James


It has remained a central point of reference from Schopenhauer and Nietzsche through to phenomenology, hermeneutics, the Frankfurt School, analytical aesthetics and contemporary critical theory. J. C. Meredith's classic translation

Couture, Jean-Pierre - Sloterdijk, e-bok


Couture, Jean-Pierre


Sloterdijk's frequent public controversies, with supporters of Habermas and the Frankfurt school in particular, are assessed and their significance for current philosophical debates explained.
This fascinating book will be

Krier, Daniel - The Social Ontology of Capitalism, e-bok

The Social Ontology of Capitalism

Krier, Daniel


Critical Theory in the Twenty-First Century: The Logic of Capital Between Classical Social Theory, the Early Frankfurt School Critique of Political Economy and the Prospect of Artifice
Harry F. Dahms
4. The Sacred and the

Berger, Shlomo - Zutot 2004, e-bok

Zutot 2004

Berger, Shlomo


From Frankfurt to Jerusalem: Horev School. A Special Approach in the Israeli Religious School System
Shlomo Berger, Michael Brocke, Irene Zwiep

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Board, John  - Transparency and fragmentation, e-bok

Transparency and fragmentation

Board, John


The book draws on research from eight UK based investment exchanges, Deutsche Borse in Frankfurt and documentary evidence from the US markets and their regulators enabling the identification and documentation of the current situation and consideration of what fresh