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Offe, Claus - Europe Entrapped, e-bok

Europe Entrapped

Offe, Claus


Today Europe finds itself in a crisis that casts a dark shadow over an entire generation. The seriousness of the crisis stems from one core political contradiction at the heart of the European project: namely, that what urgently needs to be done is also extremely unpopular and therefore

Goody, Jack - Islam in Europe, e-bok

Islam in Europe

Goody, Jack


Following the movement of people, culture and religion from East to West, Goody breaks down the perceived opposition between Islam and Europe, showing Islam to be a part of Europe's past and present. In an historical analysis of religious warfare and forced migration,

Parker, Noel - The Geopolitics of Europe’s Identity, e-bok

The Geopolitics of Europe’s Identity

Parker, Noel


Notions of “Europe”: Where Does Europe’s Southern Margin Lie?
Michelle Pace
10. The Ritual of Listening to Foreigners: Appropriating Geopolitics in Central Europe
Merje Kuus
11. Boundary-making in Europe’s

Agnoletti, Mauro - Biocultural Diversity in Europe, e-bok

Biocultural Diversity in Europe

Agnoletti, Mauro


Biocultural Diversity and Landscape in Europe: Framing the Issue
Mauro Agnoletti, Francesca Emanueli
Part I. Landscape Characters and Biocultural Diversity
2. The Traditional Mediterranean Polycultural Landscape as Cultural Heritage: Its Origin and Historical

Schilling, Govert - Europe to the Stars, e-bok

Europe to the Stars

Schilling, Govert


The creation of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in 1962 was the culmination of the dream of leading astronomers from five European countries. Over the years, as more member states joined, ESO constructed the La Silla and Paranal observatories, as well as the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter

Bull, Alan T. - Biodiversity and Conservation in Europe, e-bok

Biodiversity and Conservation in Europe

Bull, Alan T.


Discovery of a regular nesting area of loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta in southern Italy: a new perspective for national conservation
Toni Mingozzi, Giampiero Masciari, Giuseppe Paolillo, Brunella Pisani, Manuela Russo, Alessandro Massolo
21. Benefits of