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Edwards, Anne - Being an Expert Professional Practitioner, e-bok

Being an Expert Professional Practitioner

Edwards, Anne


Table of contents
1. Introducing the Resourceful Practitioner
Anne Edwards
2. Expertise: The Relational Turn
Anne Edwards
3. Knowledge Work at Practice Boundaries
Anne Edwards
4. Relational Agency: Working with Other Practitioners

Dobkin, Patricia Lynn - Mindful Medical Practitioners, e-bok

Mindful Medical Practitioners

Dobkin, Patricia Lynn


Table of contents
1. Why Teach Mindfulness to Clinicians?
Patricia Lynn Dobkin, Craig Stephen Hassed
2. Scientific Underpinnings and Evidence Pertaining to Mindfulness
Patricia Lynn Dobkin, Craig Stephen Hassed
3. Applied Mindfulness…

Jaeger, Axel-Volkmar - FIDIC - A Guide for Practitioners, e-bok

FIDIC - A Guide for Practitioners

Jaeger, Axel-Volkmar


Table of contents
1. Legal Systems
Axel-Volkmar Jaeger, Götz-Sebastian Hök
2. Conflict of Laws
Axel-Volkmar Jaeger, Götz-Sebastian Hök
3. English and International Standard Forms of Contract
Axel-Volkmar Jaeger, Götz-Sebastian…

Emott, David T. - Practitioner's Complete Guide to M&As: An All-Inclusive Reference, e-bok

Practitioner's Complete Guide to M&As: An All-Inclusive Reference

Emott, David T.


Written in a straight-talking style A highly, practical application-oriented guide to mergers and acquisitions Covers strategy development; deal flow and target identification; due diligence; valuation and offers; tax structuring; negotiation; and integration and value creation" Presents information using

Reid, Gavin - Dyslexia: A Practitioner's Handbook, e-bok

Dyslexia: A Practitioner's Handbook

Reid, Gavin


The main purpose of this new edition is to incorporate the most recent theoretical and practical research in the field of dyslexia and literacy and present it in a user friendly format for Practitioners. It refers to the most recent government reports on literacy and dyslexia in a number