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Larkin, Hugh - The Ashes Quiz Book, e-bok

The Ashes Quiz Book

Larkin, Hugh


Are you a cricket fan? Do you eagerly await the biennial Test cricket series between England and Australia? Are you an expert on all the facts and figures relating to the Ashes? If so, you are certain to want to have a go at answering the 250 challenging…

Spiller, James - Frontiers for the American Century, e-bok

Frontiers for the American Century

Spiller, James


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Polar Stars and Stellar Stripes
James Spiller
2. Rising to the Sputnik Challenge
James Spiller
3. The Space and Antarctic Frontiers
James Spiller
4. Antarctica and the Greening of America
James Spiller
5. The Grip of the Space Frontier
James Spiller

Goldstein, Jack - The Ultimate Eurovision Song Contest Quiz Book, e-bok

The Ultimate Eurovision Song Contest Quiz Book

Goldstein, Jack


Sections include who won in a particular year, where the contest was hosted, name the nationality, general questions about the competition and of course many more. If you’re hosting a Eurovision party or just want to join in on the fun, this is the perfect book for

Ndhlovu, Finex - Becoming an African Diaspora in Australia, e-bok

Becoming an African Diaspora in Australia

Ndhlovu, Finex


Language(s) and Nationality: Prime Markers of Diaspora Identities?
Finex Ndhlovu
4. Belonging and Attitudes Towards Migrant Heritage Languages
Finex Ndhlovu
5. Too Tall, Too Dark to Be Australian
Finex Ndhlovu
6. Being and Becoming Australian

Chalk, Bridget T. - Modernism and Mobility, e-bok

Modernism and Mobility

Chalk, Bridget T.


An Independent Bureaucrat: Classification and Nationality in Stein’s Autobiographies
Bridget T. Chalk
4. “Sensible of Being Etrangers”: Plots and Identity Papers in Banjo
Bridget T. Chalk
5. A “Mania for Classification”: Jean Rhys’s Interwar

Pinar, William F. - The Character of Curriculum Studies, e-bok

The Character of Curriculum Studies

Pinar, William F.


Multiculturalism, Nationality, Cosmopolitanism
William F. Pinar
Part II. The Subject of School and Society
5. Bildung in Society and History
William F. Pinar
6. “Molds” and “Spirit” in the Eight-Year Study
William F. Pinar
Part III.

Woodwell, Douglas - Nationalism in International Relations, e-bok

Nationalism in International Relations

Woodwell, Douglas


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Douglas Woodwell
2. Nationality, Nation, and Ethnicity
Douglas Woodwell
3. Sovereignty and Self-Determination: Conflicting Norms as the Basis for International Conflict
Douglas Woodwell
4. The Determinants of Aggressive Behavior in Irredentist-Type Situations