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Yorke, Dr Janelle - Managing Breathlessness in the Community, e-bok

Managing Breathlessness in the Community

Yorke, Dr Janelle


Managing breathlessness is an important and often difficult task, especially when dealing with patients in their own homes. The causes of breathlessness may be physiological, pathological, or both; and patients may be suffering from more than one condition at the same time. This makes it

Caligiuri, Paula - Managing the Global Workforce, e-bok

Managing the Global Workforce

Caligiuri, Paula


The first half of Managing the Global Workforce covers the three foundational areas for managing a global workforce: Global Business Strategy – How does human talent affect international integration, local responsiveness,

Parry, Emma - Managing an Age-Diverse Workforce, e-bok

Managing an Age-Diverse Workforce

Parry, Emma


The Prism of Age: Managing Age Diversity in the Twenty-First-Century Workplace
Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Christina Matz-Costa, Melissa Brown
7. The Impact of Generational Diversity on People Management
Emma Parry, Peter Urwin
Part III. The Employee’s

Stewart, James Melville - Managing for World Class Safety, e-bok

Managing for World Class Safety

Stewart, James Melville


The questionnaire polled 700 people in the ten companies, "measuring" the level of more than twenty key elements such as: The workers’ perception of the priority given to safety The belief that all injuries can be prevented The extent to which line management takes