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Beale, Leslie - Human Disease and Health Promotion, e-bok

Human Disease and Health Promotion

Beale, Leslie


The essential tools and methodologies for real-world patient education
Human Disease and Health Promotion offers a comprehensive introduction to health advocacy and patient education in a real-world context. Covering the epidemiology and pathology

Barach, Paul - Surgical Patient Care, e-bok

Surgical Patient Care

Barach, Paul


Fundamentals of Systems and Safety Science
1. The Burning Platform: Improving Surgical Quality and Keeping Patients Safe
Juan A. Sanchez, Kevin W. Lobdell
2. Risk Factors and Epidemiology of Surgical Safety
Oliver Groene
3. Concepts and Models of

Auvray, Gérard - Complex Systems Design & Management, e-bok

Complex Systems Design & Management

Auvray, Gérard


Co-Engineering: A Key-Lever of Efficiency for Complex and Adaptive Systems, Throughout Their Life Cycle
Anne Sigogne, Odile Mornas, Edmond Tonnellier, Jean-Luc Garnier
3. Simplification Principles in the Design of Cyber-Physical

Ancker, Jessica S. - Cognitive Informatics in Health and Biomedicine, e-bok

Cognitive Informatics in Health and Biomedicine

Ancker, Jessica S.


Introduction to the Role of Cognitive Issues in Health Behaviors and the Design of Interventions
1. Cognitive Informatics and Behavior Change in the Health Care Domain
Vimla L. Patel, Jose F. Arocha, Jessica S. Ancker
2. Design and Implementation of Behavioral

Bastian, Nathaniel D. - Healthcare Systems Engineering, e-bok

Healthcare Systems Engineering

Bastian, Nathaniel D.


Apply engineering and design principles to revitalize the healthcare delivery system
Healthcare Systems Engineering is the first engineering book to cover this emerging field, offering comprehensive coverage of the healthcare system, healthcare delivery,