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Kilday, Anne-Marie - Shame and Modernity in Britain, e-bok

Shame and Modernity in Britain

Kilday, Anne-Marie


‘This Tribune of the People, this Uncrowned King of Britain’: Horatio Bottomley – Shame, the Public Sphere and the Betrayal of Populism
Anne-Marie Kilday, David S. Nash
4. The Rector of Stiffkey: ‘The lower he sinks, the greater

Dumpleton, Bernard - Brunel's Three Ships, e-bok

Brunel's Three Ships

Dumpleton, Bernard


He also built three ships - the Great Western, Great Britain and Great Eastern. Each one contributed more to the development of maritime engineering than any other vessel built before or since. This

Davies, Norman - The Isles : A History, e-bok

The Isles : A History

Davies, Norman


Written by one of the most brilliant and provocative historians at work today, The Isles is a revolutionary narrative history that takes a new perspective on the development of Britain and Ireland, looking at them not as self-contained islands, but as an inextricable part of Europe.

Krause, Jonathan - The Greater War, e-bok

The Greater War

Krause, Jonathan


Jan Smuts, Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck and the Great War in German East Africa
Stuart Mitchell
8. The Egyptian Expeditionary Force and the Battles for Jerusalem: Command and Tactics in the Judaean Hills, November–December 1917
Christopher Newton
9. A

Graham, Ian - Great Britons, A Very Peculiar History, e-bok

Great Britons, A Very Peculiar History

Graham, Ian


Great Britain can be accused of many things; a proliferation of queuing, a fondness of the demon drink; but it's not without more than its fair share of important historical and modern people. 'Great Britons: A Very

Nasta, Susheila - India in Britain, e-bok

India in Britain

Nasta, Susheila


Writing Empire, Fighting War: India, Great Britain and the First World War
Santanu Das
4. Tracing the Legacy of an Experimental Generation: Three Iconic Indian Travellers in 1890s London
Alexander Bubb
5. Forging