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Mendes, Kaitlynn - Feminist Erasures, e-bok

Feminist Erasures

Mendes, Kaitlynn


Feminist Erasures: The Development of a Black Feminist Methodological Theory
Alexandra Moffett-Bateau
Part II. Feminism in Popular Culture
5. Illegible Rage: Performing Femininity in Manhattan Call Girl
Katherine Hindle
6. Empowered Vulnerability?:

Johnson, Clare - Femininity, Time and Feminist Art, e-bok

Femininity, Time and Feminist Art

Johnson, Clare


Traces of Feminist Art: Temporal Complexity in the Work of Eleanor Antin and Elizabeth Manchester
Clare Johnson
4. Sexuality, Loss and Maternal Desire in the Work of Carolee Schneemann and Tracey Emin
Clare Johnson
5. Feminist Narratives and Unfaithful

Stevens, Lara - Feminist Ecologies, e-bok

Feminist Ecologies

Stevens, Lara


Climate Guardian Angels: Feminist Ecology and the Activist Tradition
Denise Varney
9. Thinking–Feminism–Place: Situating the 1980s Australian Women’s Peace Camps
Alison Bartlett
10. Performing Ghosts, Emotion and Sensory Environments

Taylor, Anthea - Celebrity and the Feminist Blockbuster, e-bok

Celebrity and the Feminist Blockbuster

Taylor, Anthea


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anthea Taylor
2. ‘Blockbuster’ Feminism and Celebrification
Anthea Taylor
Part I. The 1960s/1970s Blockbuster and Ongoing Feminist Stardom
3. Helen Gurley Brown: Prototypical Celebrity Feminism, Cultural Intermediaries, and Agency
Anthea Taylor
4. Betty Friedan:

Chamberlain, Prudence - The Feminist Fourth Wave, e-bok

The Feminist Fourth Wave

Chamberlain, Prudence


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Prudence Chamberlain
2. The Wave Narrative
Prudence Chamberlain
3. What is feminist time keeping?
Prudence Chamberlain
4. Affective Temporalities
Prudence Chamberlain
5. Why Fourth Wave Now?
Prudence Chamberlain
6. Feminist Futurities

Abraham, Kochurani - Feminist Cyberethics in Asia, e-bok

Feminist Cyberethics in Asia

Abraham, Kochurani


Sacralizing Time and Space through an Epistemology of Peace: A Feminist Reading of DiscipleSFX of Malaysia
Sharon A. Bong
9. From Cyberchurch to Faith Apps Religion 2.0 on the Rise?
Pauline Hope Cheong
Part IV. Spirituality in the Digital Age

Kantola, Johanna - Feminists Theorize the State, e-bok

Feminists Theorize the State

Kantola, Johanna


Comparisons of Feminist Discourses about the State
Johanna Kantola
6. Gender, State and New Institutions
Johanna Kantola
7. New Directions for Feminist State Theory
Johanna Kantola

Aston, Elaine - Feminist Futures?, e-bok

Feminist Futures?

Aston, Elaine


The Screens of Time: Feminist Memories and Hopes
Sue-Ellen Case
8. Africa Lives On in We: Histories and Futures of Black Women Artists
9. The Politics of the Personal: Autobiography in Performance
Dee Heddon
10. Performing in Glass:

Guest, Carly - Becoming Feminist, e-bok

Becoming Feminist

Guest, Carly


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carly Guest
2. Narratives and Memories of Feminism
Carly Guest
3. Rebecca: Class, Politics and Family
Carly Guest
4. Aaliyah and Jenny: Feminist Hope
Carly Guest
5. Richa, Ruby and Beth: Feeling Feminism
Carly Guest
6. The Memory-Work Group: Feminist