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Szefel, Lisa - The Gospel of Beauty in the Progressive Era, e-bok

The Gospel of Beauty in the Progressive Era

Szefel, Lisa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lisa Szefel
2. Genteel Designs, Modern Renovations: Poetics and the Poetic Community from Hearth to Dynamo
Lisa Szefel
3. Reforming Verse, Uplifting Society: The Labor Theory of Poetic Value
Lisa Szefel
4. Curating a Community, Engineering a Renaissance: A New Infrastructure

Coutras, Lisa - Tolkien’s Theology of Beauty, e-bok

Tolkien’s Theology of Beauty

Coutras, Lisa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lisa Coutras
Part I. On Myth
2. A Theology of Beauty
Lisa Coutras
3. Primary Truth
Lisa Coutras
Part II. On Creation
4. The Light of Being
Lisa Coutras
5. Incarnate Beings

Brodie, David - Ice, Rock, and Beauty, e-bok

Ice, Rock, and Beauty

Brodie, David


Table of contents
1. The Wonder Just Goes On and On
2. Within Ourselves
3. That's You, Right in the Middle
4. Not Quite a Bee's Eye View
5. The Namer and the Named
6. The Truth but not the Whole Truth
7. What Happened Next
8. Up…

Gielis, Johan - The Geometrical Beauty of Plants, e-bok

The Geometrical Beauty of Plants

Gielis, Johan


Table of contents
Part I. Πρóτᾰσις—Propositio
1. Universal Natural Shapes
Johan Gielis
2. Towards a Geometrical Theory of Morphogenesis
Johan Gielis
Part II. Eκθεσις—Expositio
3. −1, −2, −3……, Understand…

Sutton, Denise H. - Globalizing Ideal Beauty, e-bok

Globalizing Ideal Beauty

Sutton, Denise H.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Denise H. Sutton
2. From Suffrage to Soap
Denise H. Sutton
3. “Good Looks Supremacy”
Denise H. Sutton
4. Selling Prestige and Whiteness
Denise H. Sutton
5. Selling Sex and Science

Scott, Eric - Beauties and the Beast, e-bok

Beauties and the Beast

Scott, Eric


Three men, Belvedere Thornton, an ageing Shakespearean actor who was a star in Hollywood; Mickey Finnegan, an over the hill club comic; and Billy Winter, time and drug ravaged rock superstar find themselves on the stage of a decrepit theatre. None of…

Herrmann, Norbert - The Beauty of Everyday Mathematics, e-bok

The Beauty of Everyday Mathematics

Herrmann, Norbert


Table of contents
1. The Soda Can Problem
Norbert Herrmann
2. The Mirror Problem
Norbert Herrmann
3. The Leg Problem
Norbert Herrmann
4. The Sketch Problem
Norbert Herrmann
5. The Parallel Parking Problem

Meinhardt, Hans - The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells, e-bok

The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells

Meinhardt, Hans


Table of contents
2. Shell patterns - a natural picture book to study dynamic systems and biological pattern formation
Hans Meinhardt
3. Pattern formation by local self-enhancement and long range inhibition
Hans Meinhardt
4. Oscillations…