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Schwartz, Robert A. - Technology and Regulation, e-bok

Technology and Regulation

Schwartz, Robert A.


Table of contents
1. Opening Address
Ian Domowitz
2. The Impact of Electronic Trading Technology
Richard Holowczak, Leslie Boni, Kevin Callahan, Alfred Eskandar, James Leman, Robert McCooey, Joseph Wald
3. Dialog with Erik Sirri

Goody, Alex - Technology, Literature and Culture, e-bok

Technology, Literature and Culture

Goody, Alex


Technology, Literature and Culture provides a detailed and accessible exploration of the ways in which literature across the twentieth century has represented the inescapable presence and progress of technology. As this study argues, from the Fordist

Roulstone, Alan - Disability and Technology, e-bok

Disability and Technology

Roulstone, Alan


Employing Technology to Good Effect: Technology, Disability and the ‘Palace’ of Paid Work
Alan Roulstone
5. Disability, Ageing and Technology: They Think that Throwing a Pendant

Presse, André - Technology Entrepreneurship, e-bok

Technology Entrepreneurship

Presse, André


Architecture of Technology Ventures: A Business Model Perspective
Arash Najmaei
3. The Role of Business Models in the Development of New Technology-Based Firms
Oleksiy Osiyevskyy, Mark Chernenko, Vladyslav Biloshapka
Part II. Managing NTBFs
4. Identifying

Teo, Timothy - Technology Acceptance in Education, e-bok

Technology Acceptance in Education

Teo, Timothy


A Mixed-Methodological Technology Adoption Study
Claudia Smarkola
3. Student Teachers’ Acceptance of Computer Technology
Wong Su Luan, Timothy Teo
4. Understanding the Complexity of Technology Acceptance by Higher

Fulekar, M. H. - Bioremediation Technology, e-bok

Bioremediation Technology

Fulekar, M. H.


Bioremediation Technology for Hazardous Wastes - Recent Advances
M. H. Fulekar
6. Biodegradation Technology for Pesticide Toxicity Elimination
E. A. El-Sheikh, M-B. A. Ashour
7. Genomics Approach to Bioremediation

Aldon, Gilles - Mathematics and Technology, e-bok

Mathematics and Technology

Aldon, Gilles


Technology, a Tool for Teaching and Learning Mathematics: A. Teaching
2. Early Child Spatial Development: A Teaching Experiment with Programmable Robots
Cristina Sabena
3. Mediation of Technological Resources in Lessons on Polyhedra: Analysis of Two Teaching

Gibbs, Donna - Comparative Information Technology, e-bok

Comparative Information Technology

Gibbs, Donna


Information Technologies and Global Learning Introduction
Joseph Zajda, Donna Gibbs
3. Abstract Tools and Technologies of Learning An Evolving
David Butt, Ichiro Kobayashi, Makoto Sasaki
4. E-Learning in Schools:

Herk, A. M. van - Chemistry and Technology of Emulsion Polymerisation, e-bok

Chemistry and Technology of Emulsion Polymerisation

Herk, A. M. van


Chemistry and Technology of Emulsion Polymerisation 2e provides a practical and intuitive explanation of emulsion polymerization, in combination with both conventional and controlled radical polymerization. For those working in industry,  coupling theory with everyday practice can be