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Smith, Paul W. - Transient Electronics: Pulsed Circuit Technology, e-bok

Transient Electronics: Pulsed Circuit Technology

Smith, Paul W.


Passive Pulse Generators are circuits used to generate very high power electrical pulses. Such pulses find application in a wide range of disciplines, including plasma generation, gas laser physics and radar.
* Includes two introductory chapters on techniques used to analyse passive

Perret, Robert - Power Electronics Semiconductor Devices, e-bok

Power Electronics Semiconductor Devices

Perret, Robert

Från 230,35€

This book relates the recent developments in several key electrical engineering R&D labs, concentrating on power electronics switches and their use. The first sections deal with key power electronics

Hasan, Maher - Introduction to Electric Power and Drive Systems, e-bok

Introduction to Electric Power and Drive Systems

Hasan, Maher


An introduction to the analysis of electric machines, power electronic circuits, electric drive performance, and power systems
This book provides students with the basic physical concepts and analysis tools needed for subsequent coursework in electric power