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Whelan, Colm T. - A First Course in Mathematical Physics, e-bok

A First Course in Mathematical Physics

Whelan, Colm T.


In the second part of the book, a series of examples showcases some of the more conceptually advanced areas of physics, the presentation of which draws on the developments in the first part. A large number of problems helps students to hone their skills in using the

Ali, S. Twareque - Geometric Methods in Physics, e-bok

Geometric Methods in Physics

Ali, S. Twareque


Table of contents
Part I. Quantum Structures: Gérard Emch in memoriam
1. Gérard G. Emch
S. Twareque Ali
2. The Gérard I knew for Sixty Years!
Antoinette Emch-Dériaz
3. Pseudo-bosons and Riesz Bi-coherent States
F. Bagarello

Trigg, George L. - Mathematical Tools for Physicists, e-bok

Mathematical Tools for Physicists

Trigg, George L.


Mathematical Tools for Physisists is a unique collection of 18 review articles, each one written by a renowned expert of its field. Their professional style will be beneficial for advanced students as well as for the scientist at work. The first may find a comprehensive introduction while

Hotta, Shu - Mathematical Physical Chemistry, e-bok

Mathematical Physical Chemistry

Hotta, Shu


Table of contents
Part I. Quantum Mechanics
1. Schrödinger Equation and Its Application
Shu Hotta
2. Quantum-Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator
Shu Hotta
3. Hydrogen-like Atoms
Shu Hotta
4. Optical Transition and Selection Rules

Kielanowski, Piotr - Geometric Methods in Physics XXXV, e-bok

Geometric Methods in Physics XXXV

Kielanowski, Piotr


Table of contents
1. In Memory of S. Twareque Ali
Gerald A. Goldin
Part I. Geometry & Physics
2. Quasi-periodic Algebras and Their Physical Automorphisms
A. Antonevich, A. Glaz
3. Berezin Symbols on Lie Groups
Ingrid Beltiţă, Daniel Beltiţă, Benjamin Cahen
4. A Curious Differential Calculus