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Riddell, Brigadier-General E. - The Cambridgeshires 1914 to 1919, e-bok

The Cambridgeshires 1914 to 1919

Riddell, Brigadier-General E.


Originally The Cambridgeshires were a line regiment, 30th Foot, raised in 1702. Following the Cardwell Reforms it became, in 1881, 1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment. However, it continued to exist as a Volunteer regiment till 1908 when, with the…

Dunsterville, Major-General L. C. - The Adventures of Dunsterforce, e-bok

The Adventures of Dunsterforce

Dunsterville, Major-General L. C.


Dunsterville's own book has plenty of Kiplingesque derring do as the General and his subordinate officers (who led sub-expeditions) to parley with the Kurdish, Persian and Cossack tribesmen of the vast and mountainous area. In the end, Dunsterforce found itself battling

Churchill, Seton - General Gordon, e-bok

General Gordon

Churchill, Seton


A fascinating biography of the British Army officer Major-General Charles George Gordon, CB, written by Lieutenant-Colonel Seton Churchill.