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Kiguchi, Manabu - Single-Molecule Electronics, e-bok

Single-Molecule Electronics

Kiguchi, Manabu


Molecular Electronics: A Brief Overview of the Status of the Field
Jan M. Ruitenbeek
2. Methods to Determine Electrical Conductance of Single-Molecule Junctions
Ryo Yamada
3. Characterization of the Single Molecular Junction
Manabu Kiguchi, Shintaro

Coughlin, Thomas M. - Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics, e-bok

Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics

Coughlin, Thomas M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Thomas M. Coughlin
2. Fundamentals of Hard Disk Drives
Thomas M. Coughlin
3. Fundamentals of Optical Storage
Thomas M. Coughlin
4. Fundamentals of Flash Memory and Other Solid-State Memory Technologies

Egorov, Nikolay - Field Emission Electronics, e-bok

Field Emission Electronics

Egorov, Nikolay


Table of contents
1. Basic Principles
Nikolay Egorov, Evgeny Sheshin
2. Experimental Equipment and Technique
Nikolay Egorov, Evgeny Sheshin
3. Modern Developments in Theoretical Research of Field Emission
Nikolay Egorov, Evgeny…

Fanet, Hervé - Ultra Low Power Electronics and Adiabatic Solutions, e-bok

Ultra Low Power Electronics and Adiabatic Solutions

Fanet, Hervé


This problem is significant and explains developments in microelectronics. The emergence of the Internet of Things is a more important issue than in the past. Current solutions are described both at system level component that limits but not seem surmountable. Called

Amara, Amara - Molecular Electronics Materials, Devices and Applications, e-bok

Molecular Electronics Materials, Devices and Applications

Amara, Amara


Table of contents
Part II. State of the Art
1. Molecular electronics materials
Antoine Jalabert, Amara Amara, Fabien Clermidy
2. Molecular Electronic Architectures
Antoine Jalabert, Amara Amara, Fabien Clermidy
3. Non-Volatile Memory Cells
Antoine Jalabert, Amara Amara, Fabien Clermidy
Part III.

Grigoriev, Andrey D. - Microwave Electronics, e-bok

Microwave Electronics

Grigoriev, Andrey D.


Microwave Electronics Physical Foundations
1. Main Stages of Microwave Electronics Development
Andrey D. Grigoriev, Vyacheslav A. Ivanov, Sergey I. Molokovsky (deceased)
2. Interaction of Charged Particles with an Alternating Electromagnetic Field