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Holm, Nicholas - Humour as Politics, e-bok

Humour as Politics

Holm, Nicholas


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Living in Comic Times
Nicholas Holm
2. Dissent in Jest: Humour in the Liberal Moment
Nicholas Holm
3. Telling Jokes to Power: The (A)Political Work of Humour
Nicholas Holm
4. Humour Without…

Fleras, Augie - The Politics of Multiculturalism, e-bok

The Politics of Multiculturalism

Fleras, Augie


Multiculturalisms as Governance: Principles and Paradoxes, Policies and Perspectives
Augie Fleras
2. Theorizing Multicultural Governances: Making Society Safe from Difference, Safe for Difference
Augie Fleras
3. Managing Difference, Making a Difference:

Mirza, Munira - The Politics of Culture, e-bok

The Politics of Culture

Mirza, Munira


From Confidence to Uncertainty – Cultural Value and What It Means to Be Human
Munira Mirza
3. The Development of Cultural Policy in the United Kingdom
Munira Mirza
4. Rich

Esser, Frank - Mediatization of Politics, e-bok

Mediatization of Politics

Esser, Frank


Mediatization of Politics: Towards a Theoretical Framework
Jesper Strömbäck, Frank Esser
Part II. Foundations
2. Mediatization and Democracy
Jay G. Blumler
3. Mediatization and Political Populism
Gianpietro Mazzoleni
4. Mediatization and

Meng, Bingchun - The Politics of Chinese Media, e-bok

The Politics of Chinese Media

Meng, Bingchun


Introduction: Understanding the Politics of Chinese Media
Bingchun Meng
2. The Chinese State: Moving Left? Moving Right? or Depoliticized?
Bingchun Meng
3. Looking beyond the Liberal Lens: News Media as Contested Discursive Space
Bingchun Meng

Jelača, Dijana - The Cultural Life of Capitalism in Yugoslavia, e-bok

The Cultural Life of Capitalism in Yugoslavia

Jelača, Dijana


Introduction: Cultural Capitalism the (Post)Yugoslav Way
Dijana Jelača, Maša Kolanović, Danijela Lugarić
Part I. Capital(ism) and Class Cultures
2. The Strange Absence of Capital(ism)
Stipe Grgas
3. Fictions of Crime in a State of Exception