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Earnshaw, Rae - Research and Development in Digital Media, e-bok

Research and Development in Digital Media

Earnshaw, Rae


Table of contents
1. Digital Media Theory
Rae Earnshaw
2. Grant Funding for Research and Development in Digital Media and Applications
Rae Earnshaw
3. Visual Analytics and Big Data
Rae Earnshaw
4. Visual Information Interfaces

Tosa, Naoko - Cross-Cultural Computing: An Artist's Journey, e-bok

Cross-Cultural Computing: An Artist's Journey

Tosa, Naoko


Table of contents
1. Introduction – The Discovery of Cultural Computing
Naoko Tosa
2. Computing Feelings
Naoko Tosa
3. Computing Stories
Naoko Tosa
4. Computing Culture
Naoko Tosa
5. Cultures, Subconscious and Creativity…

Gartner, Richard - Metadata, e-bok


Gartner, Richard


Table of contents
1. What Metadata Is and Why It Matters
Richard Gartner
2. Clay, Goats and Trees: Metadata Before the Byte
Richard Gartner
3. Metadata Becomes Digital
Richard Gartner
4. Metadata as Ideology
Richard Gartner

Korn, Oliver - Game Dynamics, e-bok

Game Dynamics

Korn, Oliver


Table of contents
1. A Very Short History of Dynamic and Procedural Content Generation
Michael Blatz, Oliver Korn
2. Procedural Content Generation in the Game Industry
Alba Amato
3. Design, Dynamics, Experience (DDE): An Advancement…

Logie, Robert H. - Personal Multimedia Preservation, e-bok

Personal Multimedia Preservation

Logie, Robert H.


Table of contents
Part I. Interdisciplinary Foundations
1. Multimedia Preservation: Why Bother?
Claudia Niederée, Vasileios Mezaris, Heiko Maus, Robert H. Logie
2. Preserving and Forgetting in the Human Brain
Robert H. Logie, Maria…

Browne, Cameron - Evolutionary Game Design, e-bok

Evolutionary Game Design

Browne, Cameron


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Cameron Browne
2. Games in General
Cameron Browne
3. The Ludi System
Cameron Browne
4. Measuring Games
Cameron Browne
5. Evolving Games
Cameron Browne
6. Viable Games

Cameron, Rich - Practical Fashion Tech, e-bok

Practical Fashion Tech

Cameron, Rich


Table of contents
Part I. The Big Picture
1. Fashion Tech
Joan Horvath, Lyn Hoge, Rich Cameron
2. Practical Costume Design
Joan Horvath, Lyn Hoge, Rich Cameron
Part II. The Basics
3. How to Sew
Joan Horvath, Lyn Hoge, Rich…

Bunt, Harry - Computing Meaning, e-bok

Computing Meaning

Bunt, Harry


Table of contents
1. Computing Meaning: Annotation, Representation, and Inference
Harry Bunt, Johan Bos, Stephen Pulman
Part I. Semantic Representation and Compositionality
2. Deterministic Statistical Mapping of Sentences to Underspecified…