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Osth, Adam F. - Likelihood-Free Methods for Cognitive Science, e-bok

Likelihood-Free Methods for Cognitive Science

Osth, Adam F.


Table of contents
1. Motivation
James J. Palestro, Per B. Sederberg, Adam F. Osth, Trisha Van Zandt, Brandon M. Turner
2. Likelihood-Free Algorithms
James J. Palestro, Per B. Sederberg, Adam F. Osth, Trisha Van Zandt, Brandon M. Turner

Young, Gerald - Unifying Causality and Psychology, e-bok

Unifying Causality and Psychology

Young, Gerald


Table of contents
Part I. Core Causality in Behavior: Foundations and Models
1. Brief Book Description and Book Assumptions
Gerald Young
2. Overview of Book Parts and Chapter by Chapter Overview
Gerald Young
3. Introducing Causality…

Sweller, John - Cognitive Load Theory, e-bok

Cognitive Load Theory

Sweller, John


Emerging Themes in Cognitive Load Theory: The Transient Information and the Collective Working Memory Effects
John Sweller, Paul Ayres, Slava Kalyuga
18. Cognitive Load Theory in Perspective
John Sweller, Paul Ayres, Slava Kalyuga

Cain, Mark J. - The Philosophy of Cognitive Science, e-bok

The Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Cain, Mark J.


In recent decades cognitive science has revolutionised our understanding of the workings of the human mind. Philosophy has made a major contribution to cognitive science and has itself been hugely influenced by its development. This dynamic book explores

Haan, Michelle de - Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience: An Introduction, e-bok

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience: An Introduction

Haan, Michelle de


The fourth edition of the definitive text that helped found this field, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, is thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the latest research findings focusing on the development of brain and behaviour during infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Offering

Wearden, John - The Psychology of Time Perception, e-bok

The Psychology of Time Perception

Wearden, John


Table of contents
1. Overview
John Wearden
2. A Brief History of Time Perception
John Wearden
3. SET and Human Timing
John Wearden
4. Theoretical Models of Temporal Generalization and Bisection in Humans
John Wearden
5. Cognitive Processes, Emotion, and Timing
John Wearden
6. Retrospective