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Kaiser, Stephan - Creating Balance?, e-bok

Creating Balance?

Kaiser, Stephan


Table of contents
1. Integrating Professional Work and Life: Conditions, Outcomes and Resources
Cornelia U. Reindl, Stephan Kaiser, Martin L. Stolz
2. Introducing Theoretical Approaches to Work-Life Balance and Testing a New Typology Among…

Velazquez, Jose Luis Perez - Coordinated Activity in the Brain, e-bok

Coordinated Activity in the Brain

Velazquez, Jose Luis Perez


Table of contents
1. Correlations of Cellular Activities in the Nervous System: Physiological and Methodological Considerations
Jose Luis Perez Velazquez, Ramon Guevara Erra, Richard Wennberg, Luis Garcia Dominguez
2. Synchronization Between…

Ilg, Uwe J. - Dynamics of Visual Motion Processing, e-bok

Dynamics of Visual Motion Processing

Ilg, Uwe J.


Table of contents
1. From Moving Contours to Object Motion: Functional Networks for Visual Form/Motion Processing
Jean Lorenceau
2. Temporal Dynamics of Motion Integration
Richard T. Born, James M. G. Tsui, Christopher C. Pack
3. Dynamics…

Funahashi, Shintaro - Representation and Brain, e-bok

Representation and Brain

Funahashi, Shintaro


Table of contents
Part I. Visual Information Processing and Visual Image Production
1. Visual Perception of Contextual Effect and Its Neural Correlates
Yoshimichi Ejima, Shigeko Takahashi, Hiroki Yamamoto, Naokazu Goda
2. Multiple Mechanisms…

Vallar, Giuseppe - La riabilitazione neuropsicologica, e-bok

La riabilitazione neuropsicologica

Vallar, Giuseppe


Table of contents
1. Metodologia
Stefano Paolucci, Maria Luca
2. Epidemiologia dei deficit neuropsicologici acquisiti dell’adulto
Stefano Paolucci
3. Riabilitazione neuropsicologica dei disturbi dell’attenzione e delle funzioni…

Ueckermann, Edward A. - Eriophyoid Mites: Progress and Prognoses, e-bok

Eriophyoid Mites: Progress and Prognoses

Ueckermann, Edward A.


Table of contents
1. Preface
E. A. Ueckermann
2. What’s “cool” on eriophyoid mites?
Enrico Lillo, Anna Skoracka
3. Behavioural studies on eriophyoid mites: an overview
Katarzyna Michalska, Anna Skoracka, Denise Navia, James W. Amrine
4. Plant–eriophyoid mite interactions: cellular biochemistry

Gursky, Sharon - Indonesian Primates, e-bok

Indonesian Primates

Gursky, Sharon


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nanda Grow, Sharon Gursky-Doyen, Jatna Supriatna
2. Measuring Performance of Orangutan Protection and Monitoring Unit: Implications for Species Conservation
Jito Sugardjito, Asep S. Adhikerana
3. Communication, Culture and Conservation in Orangutans
Roberto A. Delgado

Brumm, Henrik - Animal Communication and Noise, e-bok

Animal Communication and Noise

Brumm, Henrik


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Henrik Brumm
Part I. Signal Detection Theory
2. Signal Detection, Noise, and the Evolution of Communication
R. Haven Wiley
Part II. Acoustic Signals
3. Masking by Noise in Acoustic Insects: Problems…