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Walker, Janet - Heart to Heart, e-bok

Heart to Heart

Walker, Janet


Here Janet Walker shares thoughts inspired by incidents as diverse as a child walking on a wall, a game with a balloon, a visit to the snake house and a moment of panic as she crawled through a cave far below the ground.

Walker, Tim - Lost in Finland: How I met your mother and other awkward stories, e-bok

Lost in Finland: How I met your mother and other awkward stories

Walker, Tim


When Tim Walker was growing up in America, he knew a family called the Kivinens. People in Tim' s hometown used to say that this family was different, which was a polite way of saying strange. The family' s blond children ran around naked in their backyard, and that horrified the neighbors.

Walker, Lea - Living With Body Dysmorphic Disorder, e-bok

Living With Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Walker, Lea


Lea Walker first caught the public eye when she appeared on Channel 4’s Big Brother programme in 2006. Her outgoing personality, surgery enhanced figure and outspoken manner kept audiences glued to their screens but behind the smiles she was hiding a long history of eating disorders, abusive

Walker, Tim - Lost in Suomi, e-bok

Lost in Suomi

Walker, Tim


Mitä suomalaisuus on, mitä se oikeastaan tarkoittaa? Suurimman osan elämästään Tim Walker on yrittänyt saada sitä selville, ja tätä tutkimusmatkaa hän käy kirjassaan läpi: hän kertoo mm. ensikohtaamisestaan saunan kanssa, siitä millaista oli asua entisen

Cundy, Mark - A Man & A Pram, e-bok

A Man & A Pram

Cundy, Mark


This is an extraordinary story, told with immense humour, of true grit and determination against the odds to fulfil a dream that had been many years in the making, one that took the ‘World Walker’ through every gamut of emotion, from fear to triumph and desperation