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Leonard, Glen M. - Massacre at Mountain Meadows, e-bok

Massacre at Mountain Meadows

Leonard, Glen M.


On September 11, 1857, a band of Mormon militia, under a flag of truce, lured unarmed members of a party of emigrants from their fortified encampment and, with their Paiute allies, killed them. More than 120 men, women, and children perished in the slaughter.…

Berghoff, Hartmut - Decoding Modern Consumer Societies, e-bok

Decoding Modern Consumer Societies

Berghoff, Hartmut


Table of contents
1. Taking Stock and Forging Ahead: The Past and Future of Consumption History
Hartmut Berghoff, Uwe Spiekermann
Part I. Consumption History Today
2. Consumption History in Europe: An Overview of Recent Trends
Heinz-Gerhard Haupt
3. Research on the History of Consumption in the United States: