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Soifer, Paul - CliffsQuickReview U.S. History I, e-bok

CliffsQuickReview U.S. History I

Soifer, Paul


You can use this in-depth reference as a supplement to your textbook and classroom lectures, or you can use it as an at-a-glance reference. As you work your way through this review, you'll be ready to tackle such concepts asExploring the "New World": Knowing the first

Montini, Donatella - Elizabeth I in Writing, e-bok

Elizabeth I in Writing

Montini, Donatella


Ethics from the Classroom: Elizabeth I’s Translation of Cicero’s “Pro Marcello”
Alessandra Petrina
4. Styling Power: A Corpus-Linguistic Approach to the Correspondence of Queen Elizabeth I
Mel Evans
5. “Beholde Me Thy Handmaiden”: The Pragmatics

Bartlett, Kenneth - The Experience of History: An Introduction to History, e-bok

The Experience of History: An Introduction to History

Bartlett, Kenneth


The Experience of History is a lively and passionate introduction to the field that encourages students to seek and appreciate history inside the classroom and beyond. This work: Defines history as a discipline and the role of historians within it Addresses the analytical and critical thinking

Blaney, Gerald - Policing Interwar Europe, e-bok

Policing Interwar Europe

Blaney, Gerald


Prussian Police Reform and the Modernization of the Academy Classroom: The Advent of the German Police Training Film, 1919–20
Sara F. Hall
5. Guardians of the Republic?: Portugal’s Guarda Nacional Republicana and the Politicians During the ‘New Old Republic’,

Shield, Andrew DJ - Immigrants in the Sexual Revolution, e-bok

Immigrants in the Sexual Revolution

Shield, Andrew DJ


“There were no colored people in the classrooms”: The Disavowal of Heterogeneity
Andrew D J Shield
Part I. Perceptions
3. “Like the Great Pyramids of Egypt…you can’t talk about Denmark without talking about The Danish Woman”: Immigrant Perceptions