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Pursell, Carroll - A Companion to American Technology, e-bok

A Companion to American Technology

Pursell, Carroll


A Companion to American Technology is a groundbreaking collection of original essays that analyze the hard-to-define phenomenon of “technology” in America.
22 original essays by expert scholars cover the most important features of American

Alic, John A. - Trillions for Military Technology, e-bok

Trillions for Military Technology

Alic, John A.


Table of contents
1. Choosing Weapons
John A. Alic
2. Technology and Doctrine
John A. Alic
3. Korea and its Aftermath: The Shift to High Technology
John A. Alic
4. Understanding Acquisition
John A. Alic
5. Organizing for Defense
John A. Alic
6. Buying Military Systems: What the Services

Matsumoto, Miwao - Technology Gatekeepers for War and Peace, e-bok

Technology Gatekeepers for War and Peace

Matsumoto, Miwao


The Technology Gatekeepers: The Role of the Navy and Mitsubishi in the Ship Revolution
Miwao Matsumoto
3. Technology Gatekeepers Combine: The Emergence of the Japanese Military-Industrial-University Complex
Miwao Matsumoto
4. ‘Spin-on’ and Latecomers’