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Tortarolo, Edoardo - The Invention of Free Press, e-bok

The Invention of Free Press

Tortarolo, Edoardo


Table of contents
1. Was Control of the Press Inevitable?
Edoardo Tortarolo
2. The English Paradigm
Edoardo Tortarolo
3. The Functional Ambiguity of Censorship and the French Enlightenment
Edoardo Tortarolo
4. The Royal Censors…

Garcia, José Luís - Media and the Portuguese Empire, e-bok

Media and the Portuguese Empire

Garcia, José Luís


Table of contents
1. The Portuguese Empire: An Introduction
José Luís Garcia, Chandrika Kaul, Filipa Subtil, Alexandra Santos
2. Media and the Portuguese and British Empires: Themes in Comparative Perspective
Chandrika Kaul
3. An…

Pedersen, Sarah - The Scottish Suffragettes and the Press, e-bok

The Scottish Suffragettes and the Press

Pedersen, Sarah


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sarah Pedersen
2. The Situation in Scotland before the Arrival of the Suffragettes
Sarah Pedersen
3. The Early Years of the Suffragette Campaign – Watching from Scotland
Sarah Pedersen