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Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Keren - Journalism and Memory, e-bok

Journalism and Memory

Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Keren


Shifting the Politics of Memory: Mnemonic Trajectories in a Global Public Terrain
Ingrid Volkmer, Carolyne Lee
5. Collective Memory in a Post-Broadcast World
Jill A. Edy
Part II. Domains of Journalism and Memory

Kleist, J. Olaf - Political Memories and Migration, e-bok

Political Memories and Migration

Kleist, J. Olaf


Table of contents
1. Memories and Migration: Politics of Belonging
J. Olaf Kleist
2. Australia Day from Colony to Citizenship: 1788–1948
J. Olaf Kleist
3. Australia Day from Citizenship to Multiculturalism: 1948–1988
J. Olaf Kleist
4. Pasts and Politics: Beyond the Boundaries of Belonging

Reading, Anna - Gender and Memory in the Globital Age, e-bok

Gender and Memory in the Globital Age

Reading, Anna


Globital Utopias: Imaginaries of Gender, Memory and New Technologies
Anna Reading
Part II. Domains
5. Globital Body: Birth
Anna Reading
6. Globital Home: Life
Anna Reading
7. Globital Publics: Death
Anna Reading
Part III. Actions

Colombo, Pamela - Space and the Memories of Violence, e-bok

Space and the Memories of Violence

Colombo, Pamela


Polish Landscapes of Memory at the Sites of Extermination: The Politics of Framing
Zuzanna Dziuban
4. Spaces of Confrontation and Defeat: The Spatial Dispossession of the Revolution in Tucumán, Argentina
Pamela Colombo
5. Subterranean Autopsies: Exhumations

Bond, Lucy - Frames of Memory after 9/11, e-bok

Frames of Memory after 9/11

Bond, Lucy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lucy Bond
2. American Trauma Culture after 9/11
Lucy Bond
3. The New American Jeremiad after 9/11
Lucy Bond
4. Analogical Holocaust Memory after 9/11
Lucy Bond
5. Memory, Law, and Justice after 9/11
Lucy Bond
6. Conclusion
Lucy Bond

Albano, Caterina - Memory, Forgetting and the Moving Image, e-bok

Memory, Forgetting and the Moving Image

Albano, Caterina


Table of contents
1. Memory, Modernity and the Moving Image
Caterina Albano
2. Mémoir(e) and Mémoire(s)
Caterina Albano
3. Trauma, Latency and Amnesia
Caterina Albano
4. Sound, Trace and Interference
Caterina Albano
5. Amnesia and the Archive
Caterina Albano
6. Afterword: Contingency

Mahn, Churnjeet - Partition and the Practice of Memory, e-bok

Partition and the Practice of Memory

Mahn, Churnjeet


Music and its Many Memories: Complicating 1947 for the Punjab
Radha Kapuria
3. From Udero Lal in Sindh to Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra: Partition and Memories Across Borders in the Tradition of Jhulelal
Michel Boivin,

Garde-Hansen, Joanne - Geography and Memory, e-bok

Geography and Memory

Garde-Hansen, Joanne


Clearing out a Cupboard: Memory, Materiality and Transitions
John Horton, Peter Kraftl
3. Copper Places: Affective Circuitries
Caitlin DeSilvey
4. Mapping Grief and Memory in John Banville’s The Sea