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Garde-Hansen, Joanne - Geography and Memory, e-bok

Geography and Memory

Garde-Hansen, Joanne


A Domestic Geography of Everyday Terror: Remembering and Forgetting the House I Grew Up In
Belinda Morrissey
12. Moving Through Memory: Notes from a Circus Lot
Ariel Terranova-Webb
13. Making Memories Our Own (Way): Non-State Remembrances of the Second

Byrne, Angela - Geographies of the Romantic North, e-bok

Geographies of the Romantic North

Byrne, Angela


Geographies of the North
6. At the Boundary of the Temperate and Frigid Zones: The North, the Sciences, and Landscape Appreciation
Angela Byrne
7. Worlds of Knowledge, Worlds Apart? Native and Newcomer Geographies
Angela Byrne
8. “Our Surprizing

Cole, Laurence - Different Paths to the Nation, e-bok

Different Paths to the Nation

Cole, Laurence


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Re-examining National Identity in Nineteenth-century Central Europe and Italy
Laurence Cole
2. A Mission of Mediation: Dalmatia’s Multi-national Regionalism from the 1830s–60s
Dominique Reill

Bryant, Chad - Borderlands in World History, 1700–1914, e-bok

Borderlands in World History, 1700–1914

Bryant, Chad


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Borderlands in a Global Perspective
Paul Readman, Cynthia Radding, Chad Bryant
Part I. Writing Borderlands
2. Negotiating North America’ New National Borders
Benjamin H. Johnson
3. ‘The Men…

Beattie, James - Climate, Science, and Colonization, e-bok

Climate, Science, and Colonization

Beattie, James


Table of contents
1. Introduction
James Beattie, Emily O’Gorman, Matthew Henry
Part I. Frames, Events, and Responses
2. Australasia: An Overview of Modern Climate and Paleoclimate during the Last Glacial Maximum
Andrew M. Lorrey,…

Fowler, W. Warde - Social Life at Rome in the Age of Cicero, e-bok

Social Life at Rome in the Age of Cicero

Fowler, W. Warde


A fascinating look at all aspects of life in Ancient Rome in the 1st Century BC, from the geography of Rome itself, to the government and the role of religion in the city, to the class system, to holidays and public amusements.