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Bramall, Rebecca - The Cultural Politics of Austerity, e-bok

The Cultural Politics of Austerity

Bramall, Rebecca


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Austere Times
Rebecca Bramall
2. On Being ‘Inside’ Austerity: Austerity Chic, Consumer Culture, and Anti-austerity Protest
Rebecca Bramall
3. The Past in the Present: History, Memory, Ideology,…

Raponi, Danilo - Religion and Politics in the Risorgimento, e-bok

Religion and Politics in the Risorgimento

Raponi, Danilo


Italy as the ‘European India’: British orientalism, cultural imperialism, and anti-Catholicism, c. 1850–1870
Danilo Raponi
3. British missionary societies in Italy: evangelising a hostile land, 1850–1862
Danilo Raponi
4. Religion and foreign

Renton, James - The Zionist Masquerade, e-bok

The Zionist Masquerade

Renton, James


Turning Perceptions into Policy: The Role of Jewish Activists, 1914–1917
James Renton
5. The Making of the Balfour Declaration
James Renton
6. The Anglo-Zionist Propaganda Machine
James Renton
7. National Space and the Narrative of a New Epoch

Kingston, Jeff - Nationalism in Asia: A History Since 1945, e-bok

Nationalism in Asia: A History Since 1945

Kingston, Jeff


Explores the ways in which nationalism is expressed, embraced, challenged, and resisted in contemporary China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea using a comparative, interdisciplinary approach Provides an important trans-national and trans-regional analysis by looking at five countries  that span

Osei-Tutu, John Kwadwo - Shadows of Empire in West Africa, e-bok

Shadows of Empire in West Africa

Osei-Tutu, John Kwadwo


Female Agency in a Cultural Confluence: Women, Trade and Politics in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Gold Coast
Kwabena Adu-Boahen
7. Fort Metal Cross: Commercial Epicentre of the British on the Gold Coast

Welch, David - Cinema and the Swastika, e-bok

Cinema and the Swastika

Welch, David


Nazi Film Politics in Brazil, 1933–42
Luiz Nazario
7. The Influence of German Cinema on Newly Established Croatian Cinematography, 1941–45
Daniel Rafaelić
8. A Dangerous Neighbourhood: German Cinema in the Czechoslovak Region, 1933–45