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Davis, Deborah - Gilded: How Newport Became America's Richest Resort, e-bok

Gilded: How Newport Became America's Richest Resort

Davis, Deborah


A beautifully written history of high society in Newport, Rhode Island, from the acclaimed author of Party of the Century
Newport is the legendary and beautiful home of American aristocracy and the sheltered super-rich. Many of the country’s most famous blueblood families—the

Dubofsky, Melvyn - Labor in America: A History, e-bok

Labor in America: A History

Dubofsky, Melvyn


This book, designed to give a survey history of American labor from colonial times to the present, is uniquely well suited to speak to the concerns of today’s teachers and students. As issues of growing inequality, stagnating incomes, declining unionization, and exacerbated job insecurity