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Ouchterlony, Lieutenant John - The Chinese War, e-bok

The Chinese War

Ouchterlony, Lieutenant John


The action moves from Hong Kong, to Canton, Shanghai and finally Nanking, where the outgunned Chinese are compelled to sign a treaty ending the conflict. The author is critical of the 'ignorance' and 'cruelty' of the Chinese character,

Wongsurawat, Wasana - Sites of Modernity, e-bok

Sites of Modernity

Wongsurawat, Wasana


Home Base of an Exiled People: Hong Kong and Overseas Chinese Activism from Thailand
Wasana Wongsurawat
8. Bangkok: From an Antique to a Modern City
Udomporn Teeraviriyakul
9. Nationalism in Indian Architecture:

Fischer-Tiné, Harald - Anxieties, Fear and Panic in Colonial Settings, e-bok

Anxieties, Fear and Panic in Colonial Settings

Fischer-Tiné, Harald


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Empires and Emotions
Harald Fischer-Tiné, Christine Whyte
Part I. The Health of Body and Mind
2. Minds in Crisis: Medico-moral Theories of Disorder in the Late Colonial World
Dane Kennedy
3. The Poison Panics of British India
David Arnold
4. The Settler’s Demise: