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Lamb, Charles - The Adventures of Ulysses, e-bok

The Adventures of Ulysses

Lamb, Charles


A fantastic collection of legends about the Greek king of Ithaca, Odysseus, also known by his Latin name of Ulysses, written by English essayist Charles Lamb.

Smith, William - The History of Rome, e-bok

The History of Rome

Smith, William


This detailed history of Rome covers from the earliest times (including the foundation of the city) to the establishment of the Empire, and has been specially formatted for today's e-book readers. Featuring many illustrations, including coins, buildings,…

Powell, Anton - A Companion to Sparta, e-bok

A Companion to Sparta

Powell, Anton


The two-volume A Companion to Sparta presents the first comprehensive, multi-authored series of essays to address all aspects of Spartan history and society from its origins in the Greek Dark Ages to the late Roman Empire.
Offers a lucid, comprehensive…

Hale, John - England and the Italian Renaissance, e-bok

England and the Italian Renaissance

Hale, John


This fourth edition of Sir John Hale’s classic history of England and the Italian Renaissance includes a detailed introduction by Edward Chaney surveying scholarly developments since the book was first published.
Fourth edition of Sir John Hale’s classic

Clanchy, M. T. - England and its Rulers: 1066 - 1307, e-bok

England and its Rulers: 1066 - 1307

Clanchy, M. T.


This is an updated and expanded edition of a classic introduction to medieval England from the reign of William the Conqueror to Edward I.Includes a new chapter on family and gender roles, revisions throughout to enhance the narrative flow, and further reading sections containing the most

Wall, Bennett H - Louisiana: A History, e-bok

Louisiana: A History

Wall, Bennett H


Covering the lively, even raucous, history of Louisiana from before First Contact through the Elections of 2012, this sixth edition of the classic Louisiana history survey provides an engaging and comprehensive narrative of what is arguably America’s most colorful state.
Since the