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Righi, Andrea - Biopolitics and Social Change in Italy, e-bok

Biopolitics and Social Change in Italy

Righi, Andrea


The Personal Is (Bio)Political! Italian Marxist Neo-feminism and Its Historical Trajectory
Andrea Righi
4. Pasolini and the Politics of Life of Neocapitalism
Andrea Righi
5. 1968–1977: The Movement and Its Biopolitical Élan
Andrea Righi

Jones, Paul - Raymond Williams’s Sociology of Culture, e-bok

Raymond Williams’s Sociology of Culture

Jones, Paul


Table of contents
1. Settling Accounts with ‘Culture’
Paul Jones
2. Cultural Materialism versus ‘Received Marxist Theory’
Paul Jones
3. From Criticism to Critique
Paul Jones
4. Social Formalism
Paul Jones
5. Towards a Sociology of Culture
Paul Jones
6. Cultural Production and