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Olmsted, Wendy - Rhetoric: An Historical Introduction, e-bok

Rhetoric: An Historical Introduction

Olmsted, Wendy


This introduction to the art of rhetoric analyzes rhetorical concepts, problems, and methods and teaches practical inquiry through a series of classic rhetorical texts.
An introduction to the art of rhetoric for those who are unacquainted with it and an argument about invention and tradition

Bell, Allan - The Guidebook to Sociolinguistics, e-bok

The Guidebook to Sociolinguistics

Bell, Allan

Från 31,15€

Introduces readers to the methodology and skills of doing hands-on research in this field Features chapter-by-chapter classic and contemporary case studies, exercises, and examples to enhance comprehension Offers wide-ranging coverage of topics across sociolinguistics.

Aronoff, Mark - What is Morphology?, e-bok

What is Morphology?

Aronoff, Mark


Introduces the fundamental aspects of morphology to students with minimal background in linguistics Includes additional material on morphological productivity and the mental lexicon, and experimental and computational methods Features new and revised exercises as well as suggestions for further reading