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Dickens, Charles - Speeches, e-bok


Dickens, Charles


As well as being one of the greatest authors of all time, Charles Dickens was also a prolific orator. This is a collection of some of his most famous speeches, given from 1841 to 1870.

Booij, Geert - Yearbook of Morphology 2004, e-bok

Yearbook of Morphology 2004

Booij, Geert


Morphological universals and the sign language type
Mark Aronoff, Irit Meir, Carol Padden, Wendy Sandler
3. Typology and the formal modelling of syncretism
Matthew Baerman
4. An inflectional approach to Hausa final vowel shortening
Berthold Crysmann

Fabiszak, Jacek - Crossroads in Literature and Culture, e-bok

Crossroads in Literature and Culture

Fabiszak, Jacek


“Outlaw Emotions”: Carol Ann Duffy’s “Eurydice”, Dramatic Monologue and Victorian Women Poets
Magdalena Pypeć
10. “The One Great Drawback to the Life of Women is That They Cannot Act in Politics”? Political Women in Anthony Trollope’s Fiction