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Hook, David - Translations In Times of Disruption, e-bok

Translations In Times of Disruption

Hook, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Translations in Times of Disruption
David Hook, Graciela Iglesias-Rogers
2. Can Constitutions Be Translated? The Case of the Cadiz Constitution in German
Horst Dippel
3. From Philos Hispaniae to Karl Marx: The First English Translation of a Liberal Codex
Graciela Iglesias-Rogers

Matamala, Anna - Researching Audio Description, e-bok

Researching Audio Description

Matamala, Anna


Audio Description and Accessibility Studies: A Work in Progress
Anna Matamala, Pilar Orero
Part I. Re-thinking Accessibility
2. On Accessibility as a Human Right, with an Application to Media Accessibility
Gian Maria Greco
3. Impairment and Disability:

Maguire, Laurie - Shakespeare's Names, e-bok

Shakespeare's Names

Maguire, Laurie


The focus is Shakespeare - in particular, case-studies of Romeo and Juliet; Comedy of Errors; The Taming of the Shrew; A Midsummer Night's Dream; All's Well that Ends Well; and Troilus and Cressida - but the book also shows what Shakespeare inherited and where the