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Ferri, Giuliana - Intercultural Communication, e-bok

Intercultural Communication

Ferri, Giuliana


Intercultural Communication-Current Challenges and Future Directions
Giuliana Ferri
2. A Critical Framework for Intercultural Communication
Giuliana Ferri
3. The Ethics of Interculturalism
Giuliana Ferri
4. Dwelling or Sojourning? Modalities

Pishwa, Hanna - The Exercise of Power in Communication, e-bok

The Exercise of Power in Communication

Pishwa, Hanna


Understanding Power in Social Context: How Power Relates to Language and Communication in Line with Responsibilities or Opportunities
Annika Scholl, Naomi Ellemers, Kai Sassenberg, Daan Scheepers

Sales, H. E. - Professional Communication in Engineering, e-bok

Professional Communication in Engineering

Sales, H. E.


Table of contents
1. The Engineers
H. E. Sales
2. Engineering Practices and Procedures
H. E. Sales
3. The Engineering Product
H. E. Sales
4. Engineering Texts
H. E. Sales
5. Engineering Specifications and Requirements

Iedema, Rick - The Discourse of Hospital Communication, e-bok

The Discourse of Hospital Communication

Iedema, Rick


Corridor Conversations: Clinical Communication in Casual Spaces
Debbi Long, Rick Iedema, Bonsan Bonne Lee
10. The Role of Signs and Representations in the Organization of Medical Work: X-rays in Medical Problem Solving
Per Måseide
11. Why Do Doctors