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Collard, Christopher - Aeschylus: Persians and Other Plays, e-bok

Aeschylus: Persians and Other Plays

Collard, Christopher


An accurate and readable new translation, with introduction, extensive explanatory notes, and up-to-date bibliography, of four of Aeschylus' plays, including the unique historical tragedy Persians and the hugely influential Prometheus Bound. A new, accurate, and readable translation of four

Rabey, David Ian - The Wye Plays, e-bok

The Wye Plays

Rabey, David Ian


A first volume of plays by a startlingly ambitious and inventive dramatist. THE BACK OF BEYOND takes, as its starting point, the route of a sequel to KING LEAR, in which the surviving Shakespearean characters set out on an odyssey through a perilous, blasted landscape, and encounter new

Allan, Cherie - Playing with Picturebooks, e-bok

Playing with Picturebooks

Allan, Cherie


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Looking Back
Cherie Allan
2. Looking Beneath the Surface
Cherie Allan
3. Destabilising Modes of Representation
Cherie Allan
4. Disturbing the Air of Reality
Cherie Allan
5. Interrogating…

McInnis, David - Lost Plays in Shakespeare’s England, e-bok

Lost Plays in Shakespeare’s England

McInnis, David


Ur-Plays and Other Exercises in Making Stuff Up
Roslyn L. Knutson
4. What is Lost of Shakespearean Plays, Besides a Few Titles?
Andrew Gurr
5. Lost, or Rather Surviving as a Very Short Document
Matthew Steggle

Payne, Deborah C. - Revisiting Shakespeare’s Lost Play, e-bok

Revisiting Shakespeare’s Lost Play

Payne, Deborah C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fiona Ritchie
2. Believers Versus Skeptics: An Assessment of the Cardenio/Double Falsehood Problem
Robert D. Hume
3. The Jolt of Jacobean Tragicomedy: Double Falsehood on the Eighteenth-Century English…

Bradley, Anthony - Imagining Ireland in the Poems and Plays of W. B. Yeats, e-bok

Imagining Ireland in the Poems and Plays of W. B. Yeats

Bradley, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anthony Bradley
2. “Romantic Ireland”: The Early Poems and Plays (1885–1910)
Anthony Bradley
3. Poems, Paintings, and the Newspaper: Nation and Class in Responsibilities (1914)
Anthony Bradley
4. Anglo-Irish Pastoral, War, and Revolution: The Wild Swans at