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Dryden, Linda - Joseph Conrad and H. G. Wells, e-bok

Joseph Conrad and H. G. Wells

Dryden, Linda


Martians, Sleepers, Time Travellers and Hearts of Darkness
Linda Dryden
3. Conrad, Wells, Ford and the Ghost of Robert Louis Stevenson
Linda Dryden
4. Quap, Ivory and Insect Empires
Linda Dryden
5. ‘The difference between us’: Science, Politics

Ingelbien, Raphaël - Irish Cultures of Travel, e-bok

Irish Cultures of Travel

Ingelbien, Raphaël


Utilitarians, Nationalist Pilgrims and Time Travellers: Carrying and Seeing Ireland Abroad
Raphaël Ingelbien
5. Continental Catholic Spaces Seen Through Irish Eyes
Raphaël Ingelbien
6. Sisters Abroad: Constructing the Irish Female Tourist

Duffy, Cian - Romantic Norths, e-bok

Romantic Norths

Duffy, Cian


British Travellers Visiting Finland: from ‘Enlightened’ Expectations to ‘Romantic’ Fulfilment
Leena Eilittä
4. Constructing and Classifying ‘the North’: Linnaeus and Lapland
Annika Lindskog
5. Inventing Jutland for the ‘Golden Age’:

Nasta, Susheila - India in Britain, e-bok

India in Britain

Nasta, Susheila


Tracing the Legacy of an Experimental Generation: Three Iconic Indian Travellers in 1890s London
Alexander Bubb
5. Forging Global Networks in the Imperial Era: Atiya Fyzee in Edwardian London
Siobhan Lambert-Hurley
6. ‘A Mosque in London worthy of

Kascakova, Janka - Katherine Mansfield and Continental Europe, e-bok

Katherine Mansfield and Continental Europe

Kascakova, Janka


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
Janka Kascakova, Gerri Kimber
I. Reception
2. An ‘utterly concrete and yet impalpable’ Art: The Early Reception of Katherine Mansfield in Italy (1922–1952)
Maurizio Ascari
3. Katherine Mansfield’s Early Translations and Reception in Hungary