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Reynolds, Bryan - Transversal Subjects, e-bok

Transversal Subjects

Reynolds, Bryan


Civilizing Subjects, or Not: Montaigne’s Guide to Modernity, Agamben’s Exception, and Human Rights after Derrida
Anna Kłosowska, Bryan Reynolds
6. Afterword: Subjects Matter
Gary Genosko

Pitcher, John A. - Chaucer’s Feminine Subjects, e-bok

Chaucer’s Feminine Subjects

Pitcher, John A.


Introduction: Chaucer’s Feminine Subjects: Feminism, Deconstruction, Psychoanalysis
John A. Pitcher
2. Figures of Desire in The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale
John A. Pitcher
3. The Rhetoric of Desire in The Franklin’s Tale
John A. Pitcher

Davis, Colin - Haunted Subjects, e-bok

Haunted Subjects

Davis, Colin


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Return of the Dead
Colin Davis
2. Vampires, Death Drives and Silent Film
Colin Davis
3. Sartre’s Living Dead
Colin Davis
4. Lying Ghosts in Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis

Miller, Meredith - Feminine Subjects in Masculine Fiction, e-bok

Feminine Subjects in Masculine Fiction

Miller, Meredith


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Meredith Miller
2. Wilkie Collins and Narrative Containment
Meredith Miller
3. Anthony Trollope: Gender, Law and the Psychological
Meredith Miller
4. Density, Will and Desire: Henry James, Aesthetics…

Reddy, Sheshalatha - British Empire and the Literature of Rebellion, e-bok

British Empire and the Literature of Rebellion

Reddy, Sheshalatha


Rise of the Machines: The State, Its Subjects, and the Sepoy Rebellion
Sheshalatha Reddy
2. Inspiriting Flesh/Fleshing Out Spirit: Bodies, Bondage, and the Morant Bay Rebellion
Sheshalatha Reddy
3. Cellular Structures, Boundaries, and Networks: Tracing

Driscoll, Lawrence - Evading Class in Contemporary British Literature, e-bok

Evading Class in Contemporary British Literature

Driscoll, Lawrence


“Unworkable Subjects”: Middle-Class Narratives in Pat Barker, Ian McEwan, and Kazuo Ishiguro
Lawrence Driscoll
3. “Our Economic Position”: Middle-Class Consciousness in Zadie Smith and Will Self
Lawrence Driscoll
4. Classless Fictions?: Middle-Class

Gaisser, Julia Haig - Catullus, e-bok


Gaisser, Julia Haig


This sophisticated literary and historical introduction brings Catullus to life for the modern reader and presents his poetry in all its variety of emotions, subjects, and styles. Places Catullus in a social, historical, and literary context Examines Catallus's style