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Ndhlovu, Finex - Becoming an African Diaspora in Australia, e-bok

Becoming an African Diaspora in Australia

Ndhlovu, Finex


Language(s) and Nationality: Prime Markers of Diaspora Identities?
Finex Ndhlovu
4. Belonging and Attitudes Towards Migrant Heritage Languages
Finex Ndhlovu
5. Too Tall, Too Dark to Be Australian
Finex Ndhlovu
6. Being and Becoming Australian

Chalk, Bridget T. - Modernism and Mobility, e-bok

Modernism and Mobility

Chalk, Bridget T.


An Independent Bureaucrat: Classification and Nationality in Stein’s Autobiographies
Bridget T. Chalk
4. “Sensible of Being Etrangers”: Plots and Identity Papers in Banjo
Bridget T. Chalk
5. A “Mania for Classification”: Jean Rhys’s Interwar

Fraser, Robert - Literature, Music and Cosmopolitanism, e-bok

Literature, Music and Cosmopolitanism

Fraser, Robert


Is There a Gibbon in the House? Migration, Post-nationality and the Fall and Rise of Europe
Robert Fraser
3. Roma and Roaming: Borders, Nomads and Myth
Robert Fraser
4. Of Sirens, Science and Oyster Shells: Hypatia the Philosopher from Gibbon to Black

Richter, David H. - Reading the Eighteenth-Century Novel, e-bok

Reading the Eighteenth-Century Novel

Richter, David H.


The way in which books developed and changed during this period, breaking new ground, and influencing later developments is also discussed, along with key themes such as the representation of gender, class, and nationality. The final chapter explores how this literary