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Blacker, Sarah - A Companion to Critical and Cultural Theory, e-bok

A Companion to Critical and Cultural Theory

Blacker, Sarah


This Companion addresses the contemporary transformation of critical and cultural theory, with special emphasis on the way debates in the field have changed in recent decades. Features original essays from an international team of cultural theorists which offer fresh and compelling perspectives

Middeke, Martin - Theory Matters, e-bok

Theory Matters

Middeke, Martin


Literary Theory in Reverse: The Literariness of Theory
Gerold Sedlmayr
4. Misreading Shelley, Misreading Theory: Deconstruction, Media, and Materiality
Christian Huck
5. ‘I am, yet what I am’: Theory,

Phelan, James - A Companion to Narrative Theory, e-bok

A Companion to Narrative Theory

Phelan, James


The 35 original essays in A Companion to Narrative Theory constitute the best available introduction to this vital and contested field of humanistic enquiry.
Comprises 35 original essays written by leading figures in the field Includes contributions from pioneers in the field such as

Cohen, Adam Max - Technology and the Early Modern Self, e-bok

Technology and the Early Modern Self

Cohen, Adam Max


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A New Instrument
Adam Max Cohen
2. The Clockwork Self: Mechanical Clockwork and Early Modern Discipline
Adam Max Cohen
3. Confessions of a Man in Print: Cataloguing Erasmian Literary Ambition

Driscoll, Beth - The New Literary Middlebrow, e-bok

The New Literary Middlebrow

Driscoll, Beth


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Beth Driscoll
2. Recognizing the Literary Middlebrow
Beth Driscoll
3. Book Clubs, Oprah, Women and the Middlebrow
Beth Driscoll
4. Harry Potter and the Middlebrow Pedagogies of Teachers and Reviewers
Beth Driscoll
5. The Man Booker Prize: Money, Glory and Media

Lauretis, Teresa - Freud’s Drive: Psychoanalysis, Literature and Film, e-bok

Freud’s Drive: Psychoanalysis, Literature and Film

Lauretis, Teresa


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Death @ Work
Teresa Lauretis
2. Basic Instincts: An Illustrated Guide to Freud’s Theory of Drives
Teresa Lauretis
3. The Stubborn Drive: Foucault, Freud, Fanon
Teresa Lauretis
4. The Queer Space of the Drive: Rereading Freud with Laplanche
Teresa Lauretis

Habermann, Ina - Myth, Memory and the Middlebrow, e-bok

Myth, Memory and the Middlebrow

Habermann, Ina


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction: Englishness as a Symbolic Form
1. Identity: Englishness and the Reconfiguration of the Nation
Ina Habermann
2. Myth: Ideologies, Symbolic Forms and the ‘Mythical Present’
Ina Habermann
3. Memory: Shaping the Present out of the Past
Ina Habermann
4. Media: