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Dowson, Jane - Carol Ann Duffy, e-bok

Carol Ann Duffy

Dowson, Jane


Table of contents
1. Poet for Our Times
Jane Dowson
2. Lyrics of Love, Loss, and Longing
Jane Dowson
3. Voices from the 1980s and After
Jane Dowson
4. Words Between Women
Jane Dowson
5. Poetry and the Public Sphere

Atherton, Carol - Defining Literary Criticism, e-bok

Defining Literary Criticism

Atherton, Carol


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carol Atherton
Part I. Institutions
2. Histories of English: The Critical Background
Carol Atherton
3. English in the Universities
Carol Atherton
Part II. Philosophies and Practitioners

Henderson, Carol E. - Imagining the Black Female Body, e-bok

Imagining the Black Female Body

Henderson, Carol E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Public Property
Carol E. Henderson
2. Racing Sex—Sexing Race
Kaila Adia Story
3. Disembodiments
Ana Nunes
4. Stigmata
Venetria K. Patton
5. “Pull Up to the Bumper”

Royster, Salibelle - CliffsNotes on Lewis' Main Street, e-bok

CliffsNotes on Lewis' Main Street

Royster, Salibelle


Main Street attacks the conformity and dullness of early 20th Century midwestern village life in the story of Carol Milford, the city girl who marries the town doctor. Her efforts to bring culture to the prairie village are met by a wall of gossip, greed, and petty

Cholakian, Rouben - The Legacy of Courtly Literature, e-bok

The Legacy of Courtly Literature

Cholakian, Rouben


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rouben Cholakian, Deborah Nelson-Campbell
2. The Arthurian Knight Remythified Ovidian: The Failures of Courtly Love in Three Late Medieval Glosses
Jane Chance
3. Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor and the Fabliau
Carol F. Heffernan
4. Villon’s Dreams of

Perez, Richard - Contemporary U.S. Latino/ A Literary Criticism, e-bok

Contemporary U.S. Latino/ A Literary Criticism

Perez, Richard


The Latino Scapegoat: Knowledge through Death in Short Stories by Joyce Carol Oates and Junot Díaz
Lyn Iorio Sandín
3. Alternative Visions and the Souvenir Collectible in Nelly Rosario’s Song of the Water Saints
Victoria A. Chevalier
Part II. Afro-Latino/a