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Goody, Alex - Technology, Literature and Culture, e-bok

Technology, Literature and Culture

Goody, Alex


Technology, Literature and Culture provides a detailed and accessible exploration of the ways in which literature across the twentieth century has represented the inescapable presence and progress of technology. As this study argues, from the Fordist

Cohen, Adam Max - Technology and the Early Modern Self, e-bok

Technology and the Early Modern Self

Cohen, Adam Max


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A New Instrument
Adam Max Cohen
2. The Clockwork Self: Mechanical Clockwork and Early Modern Discipline
Adam Max Cohen
3. Confessions of a Man in Print: Cataloguing Erasmian Literary Ambition

Flanagan, Victoria - Technology and Identity in Young Adult Fiction, e-bok

Technology and Identity in Young Adult Fiction

Flanagan, Victoria


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Victoria Flanagan
2. Posthumanism in Young Adult Fiction
Victoria Flanagan
3. Narrating Posthuman Subjectivity
Victoria Flanagan
4. Digital Citizenship in the Posthuman Era
Victoria Flanagan
5. Reworking the Female Subject: Technology and the Body